To heal the world,

You need to stop touching it. 

-Sadvansha Munshi 



Days bled into years, at last the inescapable agony caught up. 

And the ordeal is here to stay evermore, for the role of destroyer has now exchanged.

Sadvansha Munshi 


“…In medias res, I went from relying on own’s discretion to a radical avant-garde.

The cause to quit is now the motivation. ”

Sadvansha Munshi 


Our shadow doesn’t betray us even when the darkness falls upon us; it simply merges with the dark to remind us that the murk, too, is yet another strangely beautiful part of us. 

-Sadvansha Munshi 

A Recluse

How heartbreaking it is to see them hide the unpleasant and the dark, for they think of it to be something too ugly to be seen. 

We don’t have to. 

-Sadvansha Munshi  


She used to wear a facade according to the person. Tried to meet the expectations for approval. When failed to meet them, she danced away in her own wasted effort and regret. 
Now she’s a bit of everything. She’s eclectic and finally, finally, she doesn’t care anymore.

She has become blithe.

-Sadvansha Munshi 


In a quest for happiness, you might or might not get to the end. The labyrinth begets uncertainty which begets to living in anticipation.

Tie your happiness to the thrill of today, not something specific. You’ll rise and you’ll fall, either way, you’ll learn.

It will give you a sense of tranquility in this maddening world.

-Sadvansha Munshi

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