In a quest for happiness, you might or might not get to the end. The labyrinth begets uncertainty which begets to living in anticipation.

Tie your happiness to the thrill of today, not something specific. You’ll rise and you’ll fall, either way, you’ll learn.

It will give you a sense of tranquility in this maddening world.

-Sadvansha Munshi


Merely another human but far from the usual.

She could be anything and everything, you wouldn’t even know.

Don’t risk life and limb by not letting her be. Simply let her be. Will you?

-Sadvansha Munshi


She’s like a wood in the fire of life.

She’s resourceful sometimes, burns some and barely ignites.

But in the end, she turns into ashes which nobody wants, nobody needs.

Atleast that’s all what she thinks.

-Sadvansha Munshi

Illusion of Righteousness 

She sits in a corner, trying to put together all the moments of hurt and forgiveness.

For when she finally realize she deserves better and let goes, they run around in their own illusion of righteousness.

They pretend to be oh so clean,

Causing nothing but plain, simple deceive.

-Sadvansha Munshi


Heart’s been broken often But I don’t blame other souls. I cause my own heartbreak.

My feelings and ideas don’t harmonize,
Like a ceaseless conflict with oneself.

How would you relieve oneself
From a longing for nothing?
How would you heal the ache of an empty soul?

Embrace the void and challenge the existence itself.

-Sadvansha Munshi

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